Pay-as-you-go Reseller Hosting model

The hugest superiority of sale of a hosting by means of us is considered in that case, what for you it isn't necessary to make which in any way - or wholesale purchases previously - simply you pay to you according to an advance side. In the following act it is described, it is equal as ours the project of the reseller gives the chance for you to take the most considerable the income and to realize more packages of a hosting.

Brief Description
  • Pay-as-you-go Hosting: I am permitted for you to speculate service of an Internet hosting in absence preliminary acquisitions of a packet of a hosting. If it is equal as your visitors acquire a hosting set by means of vashinskiya the web site, our concept creates this set and exposes for you result because of it. You pay to you to us only after it, it is equal as we will acquire means, and this also only because of an accurate set what was found by a vashinsky customer.
  • Bulk Packages: Other rivals give thus the called numerous hosting packages. In a stop internal hosting package for you, it is equal as the principle, it is required to get a huge set of a hosting previously, to divide him in insignificant hosting packages and to speculate to their own buyers.
  • Offer Hosting across platforms and locations: In sew changes of a hosting with payment according to relocation you can advise you for you a hosting in different platforms and in different segments. For you to you you can realize Linux, Windows, the electric power and other numbers of a hosting. For you to you you can realize a hosting in different segments of centers of processing of data. You can advise you for you a hosting according to different categories - a standard and a premium. One and one and all this in shortage of preparatory purchases. In distinction with this, presence change of an available hosting if you wish to advise you for you a hosting in Linux and Windows is on purpose completer than certain dts-and categories, on purpose will become you it is necessary to acquire several multiple packets.


  • Discounted pricing - Your cost falls by automatic machine presence acquisition of everyone from our goods and services. With our projects of a hosting your expenses decrease more promptly as they are attached to all provisions what to you you get from us. The method of structuring our bonuses and projects in the process designates, the fact that you pay to you less, than because of numerous packages.
  • Never buy something you don't need - In numerous packages to you you get in that case, what isn't necessary for you today in any way, and you pay because of him previously. This leads to blocking concrete funds of currency money from yours of edge, what to you you will be able to apply more correctly in other sites in your advertizing actions. With our projects of Pay-as-you-go to you you gain such quantity what quantity is necessary for you in accuracy, and are exhibited loads only because of this and at all most.
  • Never have to maintain Unutilized Inventory - Incase of Bulk Packages to you are obliged to keep unoccupied means, what is even more raised by the hosting price. For example, let us assume, to you have got a set for the purpose of a public hosting in which TWENTY FIVE Internet web websites will be able to settle down. We will assume, to you you realize 3 Internet web websites any месяцок. To you you can apply entirely this public set only to 8-world to month. Up to these times any месяцок to you was paid because of excessive reserves what aren't necessary for you in any way. In an extent of 8 months the price of your package most than doubles, owing to that the fact that your application comes from 10% and HUNDRED PERCENT only by means of 8 months reach. In addition, in case in everyone the period the vashinsky big consumer to make the decision not to continue own packages in any way and to transport them to other provider, to you you will be able to get stuck again with unoccupied excessive reserves because of what for you it will be necessary to prolong to pay. In our modification Pay-as-you-go for you won't need to get and keep excessive reserves in any way.
  • Never have to block your Cash - In Bulk Hosting to you previously you will block own money of means. In our modification you pay Pay-as-you-go to you to us only after it, it is equal as the consumer has paid for you earlier. For you it isn't necessary to invest means with own edges previously in any way.
  • 30 day Money back guarantee per package - In our projects I am provided to Pay-as-you-go for you THIRTY-DAY guarantee ensuring return of cash because of any the general registration a hosting mark what is found by the vashinsky consumer. With other of edge, in Bulk Hosting, it is equal as soon as only to you have got a set, to you have sat down in mute, regardless from it, your visitors have made the decision to prolong or isn't available. We will assume, to you you get a set in HUNDRED websites. In case TEN of your buyers leave to you, to you one and all in the same way you will remain with expenses in special stock and you can't get the loan back in any way. In addition, in case the consumer wishes to try yours the offer of a hosting in defined the period, to you are obliged to carry (feather) preliminary present expenses in in that case most. In our modification to you you acquire Pay-as-you-go absolute compensation in case the vashinsky consumer allows to exclude a set. This gives the chance for you to recommend skilled packages to own buyers and to increase your realization.
  • No worries about Inventory forecasting and planning - In ours to the plan of resellers Pay-as-you-go, for you it won't be never necessary to worry about modeling and planning of reserves in any way. As a public hosting to you are obliged to foretell previously realization to provide, that at you never there will be reserves in any way.
  • Address short-term spikes - We will assume, the vashinsky consumer wishes to get THIRTY a hosting packages in 3 months. With Bulk Hosting paper bag at you there is no ability to increase package volume in a small interval, and then again to lower it. Possibly, for you it will be necessary to refrain from similar buyers. In ours to the plan of the reseller of a hosting any set is cultivated personally. Your visitors characterize project duration, and you pay to you only because of given the period.
  • No limits on the size or number of accounts - In a public hosting - in case at you is available THOUSANDS of MB divided among TEN by buyers and 1 from them it is unexpectedly necessary to modernize own atritorny place, to you you can't bring him in any way. Or, in case the vashinsky consumer wishes to add 5 more Internet web websites, at you is capable not enough site for the purpose of granting similar in any way. For you it will be required to receive the latest set for the purpose of numerous users to please this need. This it is capable to win a lot of period, amateur the procedure what is capable to serve as the reason to loss торговель. In addition, any once if to you you limit own THOUSAND-kilobyte public set, for you it is necessary to get 1 more set of THOUSANDS MB in size including in case at you there is only 1 the latest the application. This leads to it, the fact that for you it is required to get excessive reserves what to you you won't be able to apply entirely in any way. With our modification by Pay-as-you-go any set is considered equally as independent the application, and your visitors will be able easily to develop or reduce in everyone the period. Your visitors besides will be able to supplement packages in everyone the period. For you it isn't necessary to get more in any way, than it is necessary.
  • Obtain advantages of price reductions instantly - In the industry of a hosting of cost regularly go down. Think, the fact that paid you because of a hosting time back and think, what you pay to you directly now. In a Bulk Hosting package to you are closed in the contract during the concrete period. Various changes in costs what are made to spheres won't begin to lower costs in any way. This, in own sequence, ability to recommend to buyers the lowest costs will affect in yours. In our modification Pay-as-you-go to you aren't tied to pricing in any way. Each reduction of cost instantly is used in the subsequent package what is got by your visitors. This gives the chance for you to be competitive.
  • Fully Automated Provisioning - In a public package for you follows in the manual way. ant. automatic to create any registration a mark. In our modification by Pay-as-you-go any set automatically is formed by our concept during this period if the vashinsky consumer does acquisition. This reduces expenses in working power and in in that case the period guarantees the most high-quality service for the purpose of your buyers what don't need to expect in any way, now their registration mark of a hosting will become activated.
  • Single point management control - In our projects of the reseller of a hosting I am allowed your Buyers to dispose of all own offers with support of the general control panel, and in any way not for the purpose of it in order that your visitors registered to divide control panels for the purpose of management any from own services.