Features / Control Panels
Control Panels

Control bars represent a set of ready private multilingual web interfaces for control of all products and services which consist from more than 500 screens, the representing more than 5 years and ongoing efforts on development.

The Control panels are -

  • A Single-point management window for all our ProHoster Products and Services -
    Domain Names, Web Hosting, Email, etc. Your Customers, your staff and your Resellers can use the Control Panels to manage all their ProHoster Products and Services.
  • Multi-tier - Control panels hold never-ending Reseller degree a chain. To you, yours the Repeated dwelling, their arbitrators and buyers and thus then will be able personally to adjust and use Control panels
  • Multi-lingual - Whole the maintenance of control panels convenient for the purpose of transition it is also available in 18 styles. To you and your resellers you will be able to introduce own an investment in service according to the translation, having added own styles
  • Private-labeled - One and all control bars are considered entirely mulched. To you and your Intermediaries will be able to define own personal URL to them and to change outside type and interfaces, having loaded own personal HTML for the purpose of different parts, similar is equal as outside and lowest page headers, etc.
  • Integrated with your website for upsell opportunity - Panelka managements is informed and included with your Internet Internet website to give an opportunity to buyers to stimulate the procedure of acquisition in the control panel. Hyperlinks in acquisition are placed strategically in order that visitors had an opportunity to get auxiliary service at you if they dispose concrete of the offer in the control panel.
  • Secure with granular permissions based access - o you and your resellers you will be able to define various powers and permissions for the purpose of various companies in your company, similar it is equal as your group торговель, group of billing, category of the help for the purpose of the admission to different functions of control panels

The Control Panels allow you, your Resellers and your Customers to -

To you aren't obliged to apply the Control panel for the purpose of management of our proviant and offers in any way. To you you will be able to form own control panels from a zero mark and to make again the multipurpose abilities provided by our control panels. Control panels simply are given for the purpose of giving of an impulse of your kommertsial.