Datacenter & Network Details
Datacenter & Network Details

We have pioneered the concept of a Globally distributed Virtual Datacenter. Our Virtual Datacenter is a globally distributed collection of redundant server infrastructure which hosts all our Products and Services.

Salient features of our Virtual Datacenter

  • Integrates hundreds of distributed servers seamlessly
  • Provides high-availability, redundancy and unmatched reliability

Our Virtual Datacenter Details

Ur the Imagined body of data consists from serv, the raschislennykh among different centers of an obrabatyvaniye of data according to the whole society. The most part from these dts-the concrete uniform qualifications represented further possess:

Centers of an obrabatyvaniye of data are connected to the Internet by means of Gigabit Ethernet-объединения from single providers of the main grids, any with which prolagat fiber and visual cables in body of an obrabatyvaniye of data by means of single places of an entrance.

For the purpose of a protection from interruption of the direction or penetration the organ of processing of data is serviced 24 minutes a day. Relocation according to a subject is accompanied PERMANENTLY. Constant observation of all bands and entrances is executed by day and night. Among on cameras, are rather not dangerous by monitoring the tolerance and category of security of the center of processing of data.

The uniform entering power multiply to it, what is necessary for the purpose of start-up of the middle of an obrabatyvaniye of data. There is an automated ATS (ATS) toggle-switch for the purpose of mechanical introduction of the generator in case of feeding interruption. Centers of an obrabatyvaniye of data besides are equipped with additional concepts of the UPS for the purpose of providing right feeding.

Excessive concepts of conditioning, any with which functions in small a share of own capacity, cool server buildings. Modules alternate thus, the fact that any from them stays in rational stay.

Advanced Smoke Detection & Fire Protection Systems
Centers of an obrabatyvaniye of data are equipped with the special concepts of identification and protection from a flame specialized intentionally for the purpose of protection of serv, thus is equal as application of simple concepts in Akwa to base will plunge to it to a loss, as a flame.

Why our Virtual Datacenter?

Scalability & Reliability
The Virtual Datacenter consists from a difficult grid of mass serv what interact the companion with other. In total structure is created in the uniform principles of considerable availability, a clustering and architecture of n + 1. This gives the chance to us to scale our resolutions in coordination with your exponential increase, simply adding infrastructure and uniting her with given by architecture. To you you will distract from concern about unstable, similar it is equal as scalability, the period stable activity, common network result etc.

Global Reach
I and our partners have enclosed in formation of infrastructure in different sites according to the whole society. Now to you you will be able to apply this world infrastructure and to recommend to own buyers entirely individual world skill in absence that or other - or investments. I are keen on government of elections, negotiations and relationship with suppliers of infrastructure according to the whole society.

White Labeled Architecture
The imaginary organ of data - this a cluster internationally the raschislennykh of excessive serv of different different operator concepts to provide to own buyers and resellers a large number of alternatives of a hosting. Servers and IP addresses are noted snow-white by a coloring and won't be able to be in any way are traced. If to you 1 from our resellers, in that case the servers of surnames used for the purpose of different branches placed in these servers will become your branded servers of surnames. A similar method, for the purpose of all actual gross data clusters from hundred ruble bank notes of serv will begin to be shown equally as YOUR servers for the purpose of your Buyers.