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I am recommended a multi-purpose platform that gives the chance for you, to your resellers and your buyers to get, realize and dispose of different RDVU And domain surnames of ccTLD.

We offer -

  • FREE with EVERY Domain Name: DNS Service and much more...
  • Domain surnames with the snow-white instruction - are fixed one and all surnames of domains Via the snow-white prepaid Domain Counter. Your visitors and resellers won't be able directly to get from this Registrar in any way
  • Difficult basket of TLD for the purpose of your buyers and arbitrators
  • The complete web site with personal trading contaminated ( SuperSite ) for the purpose of implementation of domain surnames to your buyers
  • The complete web site with personal trading contaminated ( PartnerSite ) for the purpose of registration of resellers near you for the purpose of sale of domain surnames
  • Individual marked control panels on purpose to you, your resellers and yours Clients for the purpose of management of domain surnames
  • The strong API what will give the chance for you to integrate surnames of domains in your website And control bars Control Panels

By registering the domain you get

Ease of Management. To work with a domain, you do not need to have technical skills. Everything is just like. Domain registration takes only a few minutes and it is immediately ready for use.

Four DNS servers around the world. Each domain registered by us is served by four DNS servers located in data centers around the world. Thanks to this, no matter where the visitor came from, the speed of the DNS response will be maximum.

Own parking page. To place only one page there is no need to by hosting, just buy a domain. With the help of a convenient visual editor, you can easily and quickly create a page for visitors to your domain.

Domain Registration Business Process Automation

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Sales and Marketing Automation Finance and Billing Automation
Provisioning/Deployment Automation Managing Domain Names
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