Features / Finance and Billing Automation
Finance and Billing Module

Internet services comprise wide procedures of drawing of accounts, similar influence / increase in a subscription, kazhdomesyachny display of accounts, display of accounts because of prevalence, receiving payments, dynamic development and decrease, numerous characteristics it - lines-payments, preparatory registration the magazine and surcharges, display of accounts, the data and thus is equal as the expiration of time then.

I am recommended the best to spheres a platform for the purpose of resellers Automation that automates one and all these problems on an equal basis with vseobjyatny reports, online display of accounts, notices, etc. instant

OrderBox undertakes in itself the importance of your individual accountant, clerk of billing, the clerk of collections, adaptation of the reporting and almost all other. Our concepts not only only entirely automate your one and all economic and billing problems in any way, however besides these guarantee functions to your buyers and resellers.

Detailed Features - Finance and Billing Automation

  • Online Invoices and Receipts for Your Customers and Resellers - OrderBox it - line-loads creates, receipts, debit notes and plastic notes automatically in connection with different types of transactions. OrderBox automatically creates ought a transaction mark on purpose торговель, turns торговель, annulments торговель, the deletion, Online & Offline of payments, recurrent payments, upgrades to diminish also wishes about return. Any transaction is introduced by the appropriate method and one and all edges automatically to derive notification messages. Your visitors and resellers will be able to print everyone the act of operation with SuperSite, control bars, or the vashinsky personal Internet web site. These passed time of the document of drawing of invoices.
  • Multi-currency system with automatic currency conversion - For each transaction of OrderBox supports the transaction sum in several currencies depending on the preferences set by you and your resellers. Exchange rates between each currency of the world are dynamically loaded and updated daily from a reliable source. Thus, you can keep transactions in US dollars and euro, and your resellers can choose for maintenance of the transactions in pounds sterling and Turkish lira. OrderBox also calculates data on fluctuations / losses in exchange rates, based on your preferences
  • Never worry about collecting payments from your Resellers and Customers - The device of absolute convocation of payments in OrderBox gives the chance for you to define own preferences in relationship of convocation of payments because of production, and then to you you will be able simply to be and observe because of a cash hail. You will be able to establish to you your plastic politicians, intervals according to what are obliged to be reminders on payments, duration after What the application it is obliged to be, are sent it is abolished, temporarily stopped or pulled out and thus then. Then OrderBox automatically will send appropriate notices with hyperlinks to give an opportunity to your buyers and resellers to pay own deposits, in the return case the concept will carry out ordered by you process.
  • Integrate multiple Payment Gateways of your choice for online payment collection - Now your visitors and resellers will be able to pay for you payments by means of Payflow pro, PayPal, Authorizenet, PlanetPayment or everyone other payment trench according to your selection. Is available integration modules for the purpose of any Payment gateway about which to you you will be able to believe for OrderBox.
  • Maintain Advance accounts for Your Resellers and Customers - Your resellers and visitors will be able to pay with support plastic card play or to possess continuous depositor result what they will be able constantly to supplement. OrderBox will begin to trace one and all own acquisitions and transactions and the corresponding way to dispose of own accounts of Advance. Your resellers and visitors will be able freely to supplement resources in own result by means of a panelk of management or by means of everyone an independent way what to you you characterize.
  • Over and above this you and your Resellers can -
    • Set the system to send warnings when funds fall below a certain level
    • Request for refunds of any excess balances
    • Specify wire transfer and mailing address information
    • Record offline receipts of your Customers and Resellers
    • Form group data for the purpose of yours the indication of billing and the account in order that they had an opportunity to dispose of own accounts, to exercise control the procedure of convocation of payments, to establish realization and profitability etc.