24 X 7 Server Monitoring
24 X 7 Server Monitoring

Our infrastructure consists from clusters of considerable availability of different cars, with various operator concepts and additions, raschislenny according to mnogy continents.

The successful concept of monitoring is very important for the purpose of provision of the greatest period stable activities. Today each firm of Internet branches disposes centesimal serv with huge number of the branches thrown in any server. Crude monitoring of any service in 1 server 24 x 7 it is very difficult - in many servers - concordantly human it is unrealizable. Firms what don't possess the optimum concept of the forecast in any way or, what is even worse don't possess it in any way in general, large idle times possess and raise threat of the possible harm initiated by failures in service. Unopened small difficulty the question is capable to exchange instantly in big, having raised number of the brought harm.

Our concepts of the forecast and devices give to our whole administrators boundless understanding about stay of our world raschislenny infrastructure. I exercise control huge number of the characteristics interfaced with the capital of our serv and single services what in them stay.

Services monitored include -
  • Network Connectivity
  • Server Disk Space
  • Server CPU Usage
  • Server Memory Usage
  • Web Services - HTTP, HTTPS & FTP
  • Email Services - SMTP, POP & IMAP
  • Database Services - MySQL, MSSQL
  • DNS Services
  • All Log Files

and More...

In case that or other - either the computer or department does not function in any way or each application of resources surpasses noted limitations, at the same time there is an emerging notice in screens of all our workers according to the forecast of infrastructure. The concept of notices besides cultivates escalation of difficulties, i.e. In case difficulty is not liquidated in an extent min. in any way "x", notices of the SMS leave to the whole administrators most the highest degree, and then for the Management.

One and all this gives the chance to us to reveal and liquidate various a question in an extent of many min. after her emergence and to guarantee the greatest the period true activity of your buyers.