Features / PartnerSite

PartnerSite - this the full-function Internet web site in which to you you will be able to start own wholesale business. Somebody expands SuperSite and gives for you the trimmed permission for the purpose of attraction and registration of possible resellers.

The PartnerSite is -

  • Multi-tier - Single individual marking of PartnerSite it is available to you, to your resellers, their resellers etc., Thus the fact that any with you is capable to dispose of your wholesale profitable business.
  • Fully Customizable - To you and your resellers you will be able to change HTML, CSS or drawings of PartnerSite, applying the elementary concept of management of content in application and click permitting for you HUNDRED PERCENT - 100% control
  • Multi-lingual - Whole the maintenance of PartnerSite will approach for the purpose of transition. To you and your resellers you will be able to introduce own an investment in service according to transfer of PartnerSite

PartnerSite Features

  • Over 25 pages of marketing content
  • Integration with the API for fetching your Product settings, Pre-configured plans, Pricing and other information
  • Integrated Whois server
  • Online point-and-click easy-to-use Content Management System that allows you to change every page and upload your own content, images etc
  • Linked to your private labeled Knowledgebase
  • Contains comprehensive flash and live demos of various Products and Services