Data Protection & Disaster Recovery Plans
Data Protection & Disaster Recovery Plans

I am meant, what data - given a resource urgent to power of many firms today, and to institutions one and all is more necessary for 100% Where data are regularly readily available in bonds and are readily available. For this reason I have entered strong resolutions what give the chance for you to protect Your data in case of unsuccessful program interruption, interruption of the concept, action of loss of data with-because of breaking or microbes etc.

Live Backup (RAID Technology)

I am applied a progressive special equipment of RAID for the purpose of a protection of all data in the server from interruptions of hard disks. This technique functions by means of creation The mirror of all data in most than 1 hard disk automatically, in absence of suspension, in that case is available one and all data are entered in a row hard disks At the same time, in order that in case of interruption that or other - or a strict disk this strict drive was marked equally as deactivated, and the concept will begin to continue As if at all it didn't happen in any way, applying the list of data in other hard disk (disks). The most nice in that case, that to you not Require entering of different changes or specialized variations of the coding into the vashinsky Internet web site / Internet addition in order that this technique worked.

Concepts of RAID have an essential superiority before in any way not-RAID-concepts, is equal as from the place of sight of a protection of data, thus and for the purpose of solidifying of 100% As the concept doesn't stop working perfectly in case of interruptions of a disk. RAID technique besides insignificantly improves Productivity of different services in the server.

In case violation in work of a strict disk leads to sending notices in order that the faulty strict store had an opportunity to be is replaced with system Administratorov. In the similar way, the concept doesn't stop functioning according to norm, without looking in interruption of disks, applying a pocket mirror of data on Additional strict store (y).

Daily & Weekly Server Backups

Significant data are available in various sites in the server. Our experts according to discipline executed multilateral studying and The prepared difficult scenarios of additional copying what automatically hold copies of all significant files and folders in a harmless order on Regular certain interval, thus the fact that I can renew the computer in the shortest terms, in case of absolute disagreement.

Your Own Backup Policy Manager

One and all ours service are accompanied by your dangerous data. The most part of our goods possess the integrated principal of additional copying what provides Economically successful protection, allowing to set for you elastic politicians of additional copying who will begin to preserve your skeptically significant data. The network principal the politician of additional copying gives the normal one-step expert in application for the purpose of establishment to the sphere of additional copying, frequency of additional copying and additional a picture