Features / SuperSite

SuperSite - this the whole Internet web site of separate trade in which to you you will be able to subscribe in various food. SuperSite gives the chance for you to start implementation of all our goods and services in a stretch of some min. after registration at us.

The SuperSite is -

  • Multi-tier - Single individual marking of SuperSite it is available to you, to your resellers, their resellers etc., Thus the fact that any with you is capable to dispose of your appropriate separate profitable business.
  • Fully Customizable - And your resellers you will be able to change you HTML, CSS and drawings of SuperSite, applying the elementary concept of management of content in application in the basis of click and group, providing good abilities for the purpose of an option.
  • Multi-lingual - Whole the maintenance of SuperSite convenient for the purpose of transition. To you and your resellers you will be able to introduce own an investment in service according to transfer of SuperSite

SuperSite Features

  • A Feature-Pack Shopping Cart that gives the chance to buyers to buy our food by means of you and your resellers.
  • In a basket of purchases besides there is a mechanism of the intellectual instruction of products what establishes by automatic machine possible service what visitors would wish to get in the basis of their nyneshny covered baskets of purchases, and stimulates buyers to carry out auxiliary acquisitions, raising vashinsky profitable opportunities in the course of any movement of acquisition.
  • SuperSite is set in in that case to provide to own buyers continuous skill of purchases. Your visitors will be able to switch from each division of the website in everyone other point - selection of components, display of elements and the approval of the conclusions - up to these times, now they, finally, won't wish to check in any way
  • Over 50+ pages of marketing content and collaterals
  • Integrated Whois server
  • Online point-and-click easy-to-use Content Management System that allows you to change every page and upload your own content, images etc
  • Linked to your private labeled Knowledgebase
  • Contains comprehensive flash and live demos of various Products and Services
  • Intuitive Customer/Product signup forms
  • To pass association with our control panels permitting to your resellers and buyers among SuperSite and control panels
  • Объединение с API с целью извлечения ваших опций провианта, заранее расположенных проектов, стоимости и иной данных, нужной с целью этого, для того чтобы ваши посетители и реселлеры имели возможность приобретать ваши продукты питания и обслуживание
  • Guarantees absolute automation of the capitals and accounts - the Internet display of accounts, convocation of payments, integration a payment trench, preliminary loads

Note: It isn't necessary to apply SuperSite for the purpose of implementation of our goods and services to you in any way. To you you will be able to create own personal web site from a zero mark and to make again the working capacity provided to SuperSite. SuperSite is simply provided to bring closer vashinskiya business.